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Below you can watch my video submissions for the Eaton's #WhatsYourGold challenge, My goal is to score 8000 points this summer in the Decathlon and in the videos you can see my journey from my goal, my struggles, how I overcome, and if I have succeeded. The goal is to inspire and motivate others as well as win a 10 day trip to the 2016 Olympic Games.


Signing Day Party - November 14, 2015

On my way to University of Houston.  Thanks Coach Dermott (FAJA) for helping make my dreams come true!


Thanks Coach Tellez, Coach Burrell and all the rest of the UHCougarT&F team for believing in me.  I won't let you down. This is just the beggining!



The Team that got me here! Thanks Mom & Dad
The best Teammates

May 30, 2015- Had provincial qualifiers this past weekend. I had a PB in the 400m in a time of 48.45 Im excited to have some people to run against at provincial next week. In the hurdles I ran right after my 400 and managed to run a decent time and qualify for provincials. In my pole vault i tied my PB and jumped 4.50m and ran out of poles when I blew through my last one trying 4.65 (turns out the poles I needed were needed in Austria at Gotzis with Damian Warner...) But I will have pole for OFSAA next weekend! so big things are going to come!

May 13, 2015- Had my regionals today, I ran my first 110mh in a long time and ran a 1.6 second PB in 14.50. After that I ran a solo 400m running 49.31 for regional record and a 2.4 second PB. I can see a huge 400m time coming soon and a huge hurdle race as well. 

May 12, 2015- Outdoor season has started off with a bang. I've been healthy and the results are beginning to show. I ran a huge 1.5 second PB in my 300m in a time of 35.19 and in my second ever outdoor pole vault competition I jumped a huge 50cm PB with a 4.50m jump. And to top it off I got a decent shot put PB at 12.95m. Very excited for tomorrows hurdle race. Should be good!

December 29, 2014 - This past 1/2 year has consisted of many long hours in the gym strengthening my body for multi-events.  My coach and I know I'm ready now so the event training began a few weeks ago and the first competitions start in a few days.  I can't wait!!  It's not about results yet, but staying healthy and applying what I've been learning. 

July 12, 2014 - Ran my 2nd ever 300m Hurdles (have actually never practised it) and finished 4th at the RCL provincial championships in a time of 39.13sec (my goal was sub 40).  The winner (National Record holder) was only about 3/4 second ahead.  All 3 ahead of me are ranked 1,2,3 in the country.  As I take a break from multis, I will spend the next few weeks doing hurdles training and will see if I can catch these guys.

July 8, 2014 - This was my 4th 100m ever, and one of the first times I was healthy for it.  I was satisfied with my 11.77sec tonight.  I was seeded 17th and finished 14th as pretty well the only one who beat their seed time.  I know I can go a fair bit faster in better conditions, and I have lots to improve on with coach Dermott.

June 29, 2014 - The day finally arrived where I could race again!  Coach Dermott's plan to turn me into a powerful sprinter is well underway and the results were exciting.  All my time throwing during the spring paid off as well as I increased my discus PB by over 6m, throwing 40.40m (making National standards); I then just missed my Javelin PB by 3cm throwing 41.82m.


But the primary reason I was there, was to run.  Conditions were tough with high winds but I ran my first ever 200m.  I was seeded 7th in the 200m but finished 2nd running 23.54sec and missing gold by only 9/100ths.  


I also ran my first ever 300m hurdles and surprised everyone by running 40.44sec again on a tough day (making National standards by over 2 seconds).  I finished 3rd, less than a second behind the top 300mH youth runner in the country.  And I know I can go much faster.


All in all, a great day.  2 golds, 1 silver and 1 bronze, but more importantly I had fun and am healthy.  Thanks coach Dermott!

May 21, 2014  - Disappointed with Javelin as they gave me two faults with flat throws (that I and most around felt were good), but thats the way it goes with marshalled events (I miss running!).  


I made up for it in Discus where I was 8th after 3 throws and then on my 5th throw I crept into 5th for a trip to OFSAA West Regionals next week in Windsor.  I know I can throw much further than the 33.67m I did, so I will be working on that some more this week.  


My sprint training gets started ifor real this Saturday (can't wait)!



May 13, 2014  - It is a very good day today.  My bone scan results came back and I am cleared to run again.  It has been a long 5 weeks of spinning and pool running and physio.  The bone scan results did show that I likely had a bone fracture so that would explain the intense pain and my inability to finish the Arcadia event.


This high school season is a write off for running and jumping events (County championships start tomorrow), but I'll do the throwing events, and then concentrate on longer term goals.  Just so happy to run again!!!



April 10, 2014  - From best day to worst day.  I came into Arcardia Decathlon nursing jumping tendinitis on my left foot, and sprinters tendinitis on my right foot, but hoped after 1 month of pool running only, my body would make it through, but it wasn't to be.  I was tight from the start of the 100m and could not run full out on long jump nor take off with any power, so I had to pull out.  Add a quad pull to everything and this was about as bad as it could get.  


A long way to come for a couple minutes of poor performance!


Going to take a long break to heal and then concentrate on a couple events for high school season.



April 9, 2014  WOW!  What a day at Westmont College Santa Barbara (that's my Canadian Decathlete hero Damian Warner)


On January 10th of this year I wrote in my blog the following...


"I got to do my pre-comp at their facilities (what a beautiful setting).  Just imagine, this is the place where Ashton Eaton trains with Harry Marra for a few weeks each year, along with my fellow countrymen and woman, Damian Warner, Dylan Armstrong, and Brianne Thiesen Eaton (Ashton's wife).  Go Canada!  After tasting their dining hall food (all you could eat) I totally understand why those guys train there :)"


Well today I was back doing my pre-comp at Westmont and guess who was here?  Yup  Aston, Damian, and Brianne! Along with Jenn Cotten, Harry Mara and Les Gramantik.  Then after pre-comp went with my dad to eat in the cafeteria and Brianne asked if she and Ashton and a few others could eat lunch with us? 

Ashton Eaton - too cool!
Harry Mara - my Decathlon coaching hero
Les Gramantik - Canadian Multis Coach Guru - Woww
Canadians meet in California! Jenn Cotten, me, Brianne Theisen-Eaton and my dad
Westmont College Track Coach Josh Priester

Loving California!  Had an awesome vault session last night with great coaching from former UCLA vaulter Johnny Quinn (PB 5.41m) feeling ready for Friday's PV. 

California here I come!  I got the official word that I am one of about 20 male high school decathletes invited to compete in the 7th annual Arcadia Multis competition.  It is amazing as I've been following the competition for a few years and have followed great past champions like Curtis Beech with his High School Record 7,909 points in 2009 and Gunnar Nixon's amazing 7,577 points with international implements in 2011.


I am really honored as only a handful of juniors make the tough qualifying standards for this meet. I've had to pick up two new events very quickly (Pole Vault and Discus) as we only do Octathlon's in Ontario at my age, but I've been fortunate to have great coaches and I've been able to pick them up relatively quickly.  I really feel my training is coming together for a strong competition at the meet.

Univ. of Guelph Last Chance Meet (Feb 14) and Athletics Ontario (AO) Championships York University, Toronto - February 15-16, 2014


Had a good meet.  Definitely a strong 300m and a decent result for my first PV competition.


Pole Vault (Old PB 3.10m) New PB 3.27m

  • Competed with university vaulters so they had to raise bar quickly.  Got 3.27m but just missed 3.57m.  Worked hard on runup in week prior and feel I now have new runup down.  Also went through many poles and now feel I have the right pole as well.  Will be re-working lots of stuff.  Coach James very happy and feeling confident about my goals of reaching 4m by April

Indoor 400m (Old PB 52.14) New PB 51.70

  • Was seeded 5th but had a great race finishing in 4th in 51.70 just 0.03 out of silver medal.  .  My coach had me run 300m this weekend to work on my turnover so I can kill my 400m next weekend at AO championships.  Definitely see myself running in the 51s for that for another new PB.

High Jump (Old PB 1.85m)

  • Was seeded at 2nd in 1.85m and finished a disappointing 3rd with 1.75m
  • Coaches weren't concerned about height at this event as I totally re-did my runup this past week
  • Very disappointed with result but apparently my runup looked good
  • Nothing left in my legs for this event after hard week of training and competing Friday/Saturday
  • made it over bar always but kept hitting my calf; need to make an adjustment
  • I've had to take a step back to take two forwards (but it is frustrating!)


Athletics Ontario (AO) Prep Meet #2 at York University, Toronto - February 9, 2014


Had a good meet.  Definitely a strong 300m and a decent result for my first PV competition.


Indoor 300m (Old PB 37.77) New PB 36.94

  • Was seeded 5th but had a great race winning the competition out of 12 competitors.  My coach had me run 300m this weekend to work on my turnover so I can kill my 400m next weekend at AO championships.  Definitely see myself running in the 51s for that for another new PB.

Pole Vault (and the brand new PB is 3.10m) New PB 3.10m

  • Can't say I was satisfied with my 3.10m (3rd out of 5 competitors) as I was way over my jump at that height and then just blew through the 3 attempts at 3.25m.  Only had one pole and tried to borrow someone else's after that.  Not a good move.  Oh well, will be jumping on home turf on Friday night and will go much higher!


Athletics Ontario (AO) Prep Meet #1 at York University, Toronto - Jan 26, 2014


This was the first indoor meet of the season and I came away with mixed feelings.  400m was excellent and HJ was a little frustrating, but all good learning experiences.


Indoor 400m (previous PB was 54.60) New PB 52.14sec

  • Very happy with this time as I was shooting for 52sec
  • Finished 5th out of 24 Open Men's runners.  My seeding was 18th and seed time was 54.25sec but I knew my training was on track for a way faster time
  • I decided to play with my race strategy a bit and went really hard on first 200m (sub 25sec) to see if I could hang on after; I did a decent job of hanging on (won my heat) but not ideal race strategy
  • Chatted with coach Tara and I believe I can bring time down even further by doing a slightly slower first 200 so I'm closer to even splits
  • I also had a horrendous start out of the blocks which I will be working on
  • Goal is to go low 51s by end of indoor season which puts me right on track for sub 50sec 400m outdoors this year!!
  • I will be posting the race under indoor results ASAP


HJ (jumped 1.80m, PB is 1.85m)

  • Not a fun day at the high jump pit but all learning experiences
  • I have a new HJ runup which I have had very little time to practise (almost none) so I used this meet as an opportunity to work on it
  • Wow, that was frustrating, but I did not give in to the old runup (I know I could have PB'd by just doing the old one, but what is the point of that?)
  • I know with a few weeks of practise with the new runup I will be good to go.  It's all about long term, but I hate losing!  :)


Cerritos All-Comers Meet January 11th (Just outside Los Angeles, CA)


Really neat experience competing at this event.  Can't believe I'm competing outside in January, and it's not ice hockey!  I came to get  a new standard for javelin, and set a standard for discus since I never competed in this event before.  I thought I'd also squeeze in an early season 400m.


Javelin (previous PB was 33m) New PB 41.85m (137ft 4")

  • New PB of 41.85 (800g); I was extremely pleased with this result. I have already neared my April prediction of 42m and I know I can go much further with just a little practise


400m (previous PB was 52.19) New PB 52.16sec

  • Can't say I was eccstatic about the result but my coach was right "this is really early for an outdoor 400m"  (yeah I felt that last 100m)
  • A PB in January; I have to be content with that
  • I am confident that I can go sub 50 by the summer; everything is on track


Discus (1st Time Competing) New PB 34.13m (112ft 1")

  • Ok so no matter what I threw, it would be my PB since it was my first competition, but I'm told this was pretty good, especially since my first practise was about 3 weeks ago


So I spent the afternoon training discus with Erik Johnson ( who has a specialized throws clinic in Dana Hills, California (outskirts of LA). It was absolutely amazing.  After 1.5hrs he had redone my entire throw and I was throwing the discus just short of 39m (130ft).  Unfortunately I will have to wait a long time until the snow melts and I can actually compete again, but this will be a really strong event for me.

Westmont College Tour, Santa Barbara, CA - January 10th


Had a great day at a beautiful campus with very nice people.


Westmont College is a really great school with really high academic standards, strong faith, and a pretty impressive track and field history.


Really enjoyed my day with coaches Smelley and Priester, and a special thanks to David from the team for showing me around.


I got to do my pre-comp at their facilities (what a beautiful setting).  Just imagine, this is the place where Ashton Eaton trains with Harry Marra for a few weeks each year, along with my fellow countrymen and woman, Damian Warner, Dylan Armstrong, and Brianne Thiessen Eaton (Ashton's wife).  Go Canada!  After tasting their dining hall food (all you could eat) I totally understand why those guys train there :)


Rather than sitting around in traffic on the way to LA my dad and I decided to hang around Santa Barbara and go to the beach.  There were over 18 beach volleyball courts there and we couldn't resist challenging  a couple of locals to beach volleyball.  They were good and took us the first game.  We went to the car and took off our jeans and won the 2nd two games.  Gold medal Canada :)

University of Guelph Early Bird Meet January 3rd -4th


 All in all a good meet for very early in the season.


Friday, Jan 3rd

Shot Put (previous PB was 10.66) New PB 11.63m

  • New PB of 11.63 (10lbs); not thrilled but it is a start.



Saturday, Jan 4th

300m (1st Indoor 300m race) New PB 37.77

  • New PB of 37.77; good time on tough track with tight corners; everything is on track for a sub 50sec outdoors this summer
  • Extremely happy with my 5th place finish against a very strong field of 18 (mostly university runners)

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Houston Men's T&F Team Win NCAA American Conference Indoor Crown
2017 NCAA D1 American Athletic Conference Indoor Heptathlon Win

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Landed in Poland for IAAF U20 Track & Field Championships
New Canadian Junior Decathlon Record of 7592pts and World Junior Standard

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Good results at the Speed River Twilight race June 7, 2016.  A PB 14.32sec in the 110mH and a big PB in first 100m competition of the year - 10.994sec (they rounded it to 11.0sec).

New PB of 2.03m

Very pleased with my first outdoor High Jump competition of the year and my first try at my new 10 step approach.  Went 2.03m for an 8cm PB.  There is definitely more to come in this event!


Jav PB of 48.23m

Decent first javelin competition at the SWO Meet at University of Western Ontario, London, May 29th.  Got a PB 48.23m but know that I will be going much further this year.


Big PB in Long Jump at Bob Vigars London

Nasty snowy weather but came through with a big PB today in my Long Jump opener with a 7.19m.








A Frigid & Windy Season Opener at Western Meet

8 Degrees Celcius, 50km wind gusts - perfect conditions for a 400m season opener - NOT.  Still managed a win today and PB with 48.42sec; encouraging start.

Check Out Blog For My Video Submission's Of #WhatsYourGold

AO Indoor Championships March 6, 2016

Good conclusion to my indoor season at Athletics Ontario Indoor Championships.  Gold medal and PB in long jump with 6.93m and Silver and PB tie in 60m hurdles (8.35sec).  Search "Mechler" 


Had a pretty good day at Athletics Ontario Prep Meet with not a bad start to 60m Hurdles. First time over 5 hurdles this indoor season.  PB in 8.35sec.  Search "Mechler"  AO Results

Jan 30-16 If you haven't been there, you have to go to Spire in Ohio.  Really well run meet.  I had a solid first Long Jump Comp of the year 6.78m (3 cm off my outdoor PB), and a painful but solid indoor 400m with a 48.75sec.


Spire Midwest Meet Jan 30-16


Search "Mechler"

Jan 23-16 Had a solid 2nd indoor meet of the year at GLL#2 Meet in London with 2 wins (2 PBs). 1.95m in High Jump on 1/2 approach, and 7.19sec 60m


1.95m High Jump

Jan 16-16 Great day at first indoor meet at Fred Foot Classic at UofT.  2 Events, 2 PBs:   7.20sec in 60m, and 4.80m in Pole Vault. See indoor results

4.80m indoor Pole Vault

Happy New Year.  Excited for what 2016 has in store.  Check out my updated "Competition Schedule" tab.


#SigningDay - Excited to Announce that I'll be joining the Univ of Houston Cougar T&F Team

See my blog for my awesome Signing Day Party with my Coaches, Teammates, Family & Friends

In the News:

Nathaniel Mechler Nominated as Finalist for Athletics Ontario Award

In the News:

Track Town Canada Newsletter Sept 3, 2015

July 31 - Aug 2, 2015

PanAm Jr 2015 Bronze Medal

Hard fought battle having to win the 1500m by 20seconds over 3rd place athlete to get Decathlon Bronze Medal at PanAm Juniors 2015.

Video of 1500m - 4:27 to move from 4th to 3rd


(For RunnerSpace Subscribers)


Note:  non-RunnerSpace video will be up soon


Day 1 at PanAm Juniors went well.  Big 0.2sec PB in 100m (11.16sec), 31cm PB in Long Jump (6.81m), some disappointment in Shot Put (12.0m) and High Jump (1.85m), but a strong finish with a 48.85sec in the 400m.  Sitting in 4th (5pts behind 3rd) with 3745pts going into Day 2.

Track PanAm Results and watch Livestream at:

Canadian Combined Championships - Junior Decathlon, Ottawa, June 20-21


Canadian Junior Decathlon Gold Medal - June 21, 2015

Day 2 of the Canadian National Championships for Junior Decathlon was tough.  Started out with hard rain and then a rushed schedule to finish.  Still managed one Personal Record (PR) in Javelin (45.99). Did enough to come out on top at the end of the day and am excited to be representing Canada at the PanAm Junior Decathlon July 31-Aug1.


Performance Results:










Day 1 of the Canadian National Championships for Junior Decathlon got out to a great start.  Got a Personal Record (PR) in 3 of the 5 events and missed the long jump PR by only a cm.  100m - 11.37sec (PR); LJ 6.48m; SP 12.40m (PR); HJ 1.90m (PR) and 400m 49.45sec.  Sitting in second with 3656pts with my best day still ahead. 


Performance Results:  

"Dec Men Junior"










Was definitely tired on the final day of competition after 4 previous races, but did my best in Pole Vault with what was left and cleared 4.35m for a 4th place finish.  Tough going against guys with fresh legs, but I'm content under the circumstances.


Performance Results:  

Pole Vault (4th Place)

Had a great day of hurdles.  Ran a PB of 14.36 to make it to the finals of the Senior Boys 110m Hurdles and then PRd one more time 14.24 to win the OFSAA Bronze Medal. 


Performance Results:  

110mH Final (Bronze Medal)


Link to Video of 110mH Final:



Runnerspace link to video:

Good result in 400m after 110mH Qualifier and Finals.  Went into final in 8th and finished 5th in 48.76.


Performance Results:  

400m Final (5th Place)


Runnerspace link to video:

Very happy with results at Ontario West Regionals May 29-30 in London, Ontario.  2 PRs and moving on to All Provincial High School Championships (OFSAA) in all 3 events next week at the University of Toronto.  1st in pole vault (4.50m; tied PR).  1st in 400m (48.45sec; PR). 3rd in 110m hurdles (14.77sec)


Performance Results:  

400m -

Pole Vault -

110mH -


Link to Video of 400m Race:


If you subscribe to Runnerspace, you can view a higher quality vid here:










Good Day 2 at Central Western Region.  Won gold in Pole Vault.  Really rough windy conditions and only managed 4.20m today.  Should be much better things ahead at OFSAA West and hopefully OFSAA.


Performance Results:  Search "Mechler"

Great day 1 at Central Western Ontario championships.  Ran a big PR in 400m of 48.56sec on a windy track to win.  Ran 110m hurdles 30min later with heavy legs to finish second in 14.61sec.  Not bad considering.


Here are links to both races:






Performance Results:  Search "Mechler"



Had a great Waterloo County High School Championships finishing with 2 PRs including a county record in the 400m.  110mHurdles (14.50sec); 400m (49.31sec); pole vault 4.20m.


Search "Mechler"


Went to my second outdoor pole vault competition ever and jumped a huge 50cm PB in pole vault jumping 4.50m or 14ft 8inches.  See Top 10 Men of 2015 Season (ranked #5 in Canada)


Great start to the high school season.  3 events, 3 wins.  Shot Put 12.44m; Pole Vault 4.0m; 300m 35.19sec.  Follow this link and search "Mechler"






Video of my Pentathlon 1000m win.  PB of 2:39.00






What an amazing event put on by New Balance at the Armoury.   4 more PRs (3706pts) and 2nd Place at New Balance Indoor Nationals at the Armory in NYC.


More updates coming soon.

2nd Place Medal in the boys Pentathlon at the New Balance US Indoor National Championships in NYC March 14, 2015

Just heard the great news.  I've been accepted into the New Balance National Indoors as one of 12 High School Boys in the Pentathlon.  Looking forward to it!

Ran a 2:40 in 1000m to win AO Combined Junior Pentathlon Gold Medal.  See video below.


Great Day at York University Feb 7, 2015 winning Athletics Ontario Combined Junior Pentathlon with 5 PRs for 3593pts.

Had a very positive result in Pole Vault today at the Sharon Anderson Memorial Meet at the University of Toronto Jan 3, 2015.  I am only on a 1/2 runup but jumped 3.80m (an increase of almost 40cm on my PB).  I will be over 4m in no time.

I have spent the last 8 months with my new coach Dermott Smith (FAJA) getting my body strong.  We both feel I'm ready for a great 2015.  I've been working on event specific training for the past month and I am amazed at how much easier each event is now.  I'm ready for some early indoor season meets (see Competition Schedule)


In the News - I had the privilege of being interviewed on Rogers TV Home Team.  It was a great experience and they were very professional.

July 12 - Was very pleased with my 300m Hurdles race with another PB (39.13sec) at the RCL Provincial Championships.  Now ranked 4th in Canada.  See blog and individual results.

July 8- Had a good 100m result tonight 11.77sec.  Lots of room for improvement but good race.  Looking forward to 400m tomorrow night.

June 29 - It is so great to be back competing after months of healing.  Had a great day at Legion competition yesterday with 4 medals, 3 PBs, and 2 national qualifying standards!  See my blog and Individual Events for details.

June 23 - I'm excited to be healed and ready to race my first ever 200m this coming Sunday at RCLs!

May 21st - Made it through to OFSAA Regionals in Seniors Discus with throw of 33.68m and 5th place

May 16th - Made it through to CWOSSA in both Javelin and Discus. 

May 13th - Just got results of a bone scan and it looks like I had a bone fracture on my left foot, which thankfully now has fully healed.  I have been confined to spinning, pool running and throwing, but can finally run again.  Too late for this high school season but I will do throw events at County Finals starting tomorrow.

April 10th - Came into Arcadia with an injury and hoped to make it through, but no such luck.  Didn't have anything in the 100m and could not push off in the long jump so had to call it a day.  A very tough day.

April 9, 2014   Pre-comp at Westmont College Santa Barbara with Damian, Ashton, Brianne, Jenn, Coaches Gramantik, Mara and Priester.  Wow.  See blog for details.  Big event only one day away!

April 7, 2014  In California!  It's almost time!  Left snow Sunday for 80+ degrees on Beach.  Here for 7th Annual Arcadia High School Decathlon in California April 10-11, 2014 with "the deepest field ever assembled in high school history for a decathlon!".   See Competition Schedule and Blog for more details.

Feb 19, 2014 Great News! - I'm honoured to be one of about 20 high school athletes from North America (and just a handful of juniors) invited to compete in the 7th Annual Arcadia High School Decathlon in California April 10-11, 2014. According to the organizer this is likely "the deepest field ever assembled in high school history for a decathlon!".  Past winners include Curtis Beach and Gunnar Nixon, two of the guys I look up to in this sport.  See Competition Schedule and Blog for more details.

Feb 14-16: Very long weekend of competition (Univ of Guelph, and AO Championships) after a hard week of training.  New indoor PBs in Pole Vault & 400m (51.70), and progress on new runup in HJ.

Competed today (Feb 9th) at AO Prep Meet #2 at York University.  Had a great 300m.  Won the race in new PB of 36.94!  Also first ever Pole Vault competition. Seeded at 3m, and jumped 3.10m.  Not satisfied but not bad for one pole.  Will be jumping on home turf Friday and plan on killing that height.


52.14 seconds!  Crushed my 400m indoor PB at AO Prep Meet, York University, Toronto Jan 26th 2014.  See my blog and Indoor Results for details (video and link to results is up).


Had a great and sunny start to 2014 at the Cerritos All-Comers Meet Jan 11th 2014 just outside Los Angeles, CA.  


Check out my "Blog" tab and "Individual Events" for the details


New Video's up for AO Prep Meet Indoor 400m PB.



"If you want to be a decathlete you're going to need endurance. Endurance is competing for two days straight. Its the ability to give your all and then do it again nine times." ~Unknown 

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